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Virtual Veterinary Dermatologists can bring the specialist to you

Here at Virtual Veterinary Dermatologists we believe that everyone should have access to affordable advice from a Veterinary Dermatology Specialist. We understand what it is like to have a treasured pet whose quality of life is affected because of debilitating skin or ear disease. Our Veterinary Dermatology Consultants help owners every day, in their professional life, to make their pets more comfortable. We would like them to help you too.

Face to Face Consultation
Speaking to a Specialist is Easy

So how does Virtual Veterinary Dermatologists (VVD) work?

Getting advice from us is easy and cost-effective. If you are a pet owner who is concerned about a skin problem your pet has, our veterinary dermatology specialists can help. Just fill out our report form, take some photos of your pet and upload everything to us. One of our specialists will then get back to you within 48 hours with a written report which is emailed to you and which will tell you what they think the problem is and what they recommend you should do about it. They may also advise on specific products to use, which you can buy directly from us by clicking on “Shop” above. If the problem is more serious they may suggest that you take your pet to a veterinary surgeon for further tests or specific drugs.

If you are already registered with a veterinary practice and your pet is currently being treated for a skin or ear problem, your veterinary practice can talk to us as well.

Cost-effective service

Affordable and Easy Advice and Management Options for your Pet

A consultation with a Veterinary Dermatologist Specialist in a Referral Centre can cost several hundred pounds. This is because the facilities and the manpower associated with the maintenance of these Centres of Excellence, together with the time of the Consultant can dictate a premium price. Our new on-line service can strip out all those overheads, to deliver a service at a fraction of the cost. Either directly or through your veterinarian, we can help.

Save Money

Let us help you and your pet now

Our advice forms can be used by you and the report our Consultant sends you can help you to manage your pet’s skin or ear problem. Alternatively, if you are registered with a veterinary practice already, your vet can contact us directly

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